We would always recommend you retain your fire engineer through the construction process to advise on design changes and confirm specifications as required. There are many examples of where a good fire strategy has been developed to the end of RIBA Stage 4 and then small design changes have effectively made it worthless. The final building is then left with no overarching strategy and the risk to occupants, and construction team, is substantial.


In addition we have developed a unique approach to construction fire safety aimed at contractors which complies with CDM and RR(FS)O legislation. It is based on HSE and JCOP guidance and provides a well-structured and clear format that identifies actions and those accountable on a construction site at different phases of the build.


Using a unique mix of fire engineers and fire risk assessors we can ensure that the right support is provided at the right time, and in a pro-active manner.


Timber Frames


​Timber frame construction sites have very different risks to those where traditional build is being used. Trenton Fire can provide the necessary analysis to show that the timber frame construction is fully understood when considering boundary locations and adjacent occupied properties. This helps ensure compliance with HSE guidance and relevant legislation.

Our experts take all the necessary elements into consideration to determine whether a change in timber frame classification is necessary, and is done so in a cost effective way. Alternative approaches are explored such as phasing construction to assist in ensuring compliance in a cost effective manner by reducing the amount of timber needing to be treated, and allowing early occupation of properties.


The HSE have used our reports and analysis as examples of best practice.

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