• People in and around the building safe in case of fire

  • Working with design and operation, not limiting

  • Understanding projects is key to successful design

  • Good communication key to successful build

  • Who employs fire engineer determines what success is


Ensuring the safety of people in the event of fire is an important consideration. However, it shouldn't become a dictating factor in design and it need not compromise on goals that impact the way people interact with a building in everyday life.


By listening to clients we can understand what your concerns are, flexibility, buildability, affordability, operational, etc and develop a strategy to suit.


Our experience of thousands of fire engineered projects across the UK and overseas feeds into all our projects through our internal peer review process and the regular internal training we provide. We also have a wide range of industry engagement including academia, trade organisations, committees and industry groups that we actively participate in and feed into our work.

There are always different options when developing a fire strategy and whoever employs the fire engineer has the greater influence on which options are adopted.

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