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Through our long standing relationship with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as other UK and foreign Government departments and private clients, we have undertaken a large variety of overseas commissions. This includes fire engineering of both new-build and extension/refurbishment projects, inspection of existing conditions and properties prior to hand-over, fire risk assessment, fire safety training and post-fire investigation. We have significant experience in commercial, educational and residential properties ranging from individual units to entire compounds.

Our focus has been primarily on achieving compliance with the more onerous of British and local standards. This has provided experience working with international (ISO), US (NFPA, FM and UL), Australian (ANSI), and other national standards as well as in assessing local legislation and determining specific requirements in relation to fire safety globally. The nature of a large portion of our international commissions has required working alongside security teams to ensure that strict security requirements can be met without compromising the safety of building occupants in the event of a fire.


This industry leading experience and appreciation of the many, varied challenges of construction globally in varying climates has heavily influenced and developed our pragmatic approach to fire safety. Incorporating our expertise in buildings of historic significance, ability to assess existing installations, products and systems and our breadth of knowledge has been of particular use where work has been on iconic buildings and in notable locations.


Our highly qualified and internationally recognised team of fire experts are able to deliver suitable fire engineered, risk based and assessed solutions on projects of all sizes globally. We are able to ensure that, although the design may be based on guidance documents from or heavily influenced by western countries, it is adapted to suit local conditions with no lessening in fire safety protection. We can continue to monitor provisions through regular, appropriate, assessment and provide tailored training to staff.

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