Insite Data Capture

Managing the compliance and safety of your site can be complex, time consuming and put a strain on resources. With this in mind, Trenton Fire have developed Insite, a data capture system - a smarter way to manage and maintain fire safety. 

This innovative portal enables Trenton Fire consultants to undertake a range of fire risk assessment and other services using data capture technology. This allows findings to be captured in real-time during on-site inspections and provides a level of analytical detail previously unattainable with written reports.

Insite data capture technology offers a range of benefits providing clients with total transparency and reduced costs.


  • On-site time efficiency minimises client disruption.

  • Report processing time is reduced whilst still maintaining quality and detail

  • Reviews can be scheduled at the touch of a button and automatically generated reminders sent.

  • Project management of estates is simplified, with clear insight into the progress of reports, visits undertaken, future appointments and detailed analytics.

  • Our in-house development team are able to create client specific templates to ensure the required scope of the assessment is covered.

  • Analytical tools offer clients a graphic display of significant findings across their estate – this can be filtered depending on requirements.

  • Data integration allows clients to easily access information at any given time.


Understanding how an estate runs and where risks lie is essential for fire safety compliance. Insite offers clients a flexible, analytical tool, allowing detailed information to be reviewed easily over a range of areas, in a number of formats, for example:


  • Gain a Risk Rating Overview

  • Monitor Compliance

  • Identify Trends and Overall Estate Performance

Data Capture Leaflet

Download the new data capture leaflet here.

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